Moriouce Maps 2v2 Random Rotating Allies Tournament Dec. 8, 2019 2 PM EST!!!

Moriouce is War2USA’s Mapmaker of the Year 2019. He made over 50 dazzling, creative and unique masterpieces for the game we love, Warcraft 2. You can view gorgeous images of the Moriouce Collection. This fun 2v2 Tournament will feature some of these beautiful maps.

Even though you play in teams of 2, the way it works is this:

Each game will be on a different map and with changing allies to maximize the variation of challenges in the quest to find the most versatile Warcraft 2 Player playing in 2019.

Each game won earns each member of the winning team 1 point. There will be 5 games. Whichever player earns the most of 5 points possible will win if there is no tie. If there is a tie, the tied players will play a final match to break the tie to decide the winner.

Game 1 (Small Land Map)
Player 1/2 and 5/6 teams choose Game 1 Map from Blood in the Arctic, Four is a Crowd, and Rift Valley
Game 2 (Medium Land Map)
Player 1/3 and 5/7 teams choose Game 2 Map from 8th Lake, Warmongers, and Valley
Game 3 (Hybrid Map)
Choose Game 3 Map from Aegirs Ford, Mystic Clover, and Frozen Shores
Game 4 (Water Map)
Choose Game 4 Map from Anniversary, Thule Atoll, and Islands of War
Game 5 (Big Land Map)
Choose Game 5 Map from Thread of Destiny, Swamp Blossom, and Pain on the Plain

(Pictures coming to this post soon)

Alliances for Game 1 will be assigned in order of arrival. Player 1 + Player 2, 3+4 etc.
For Game 2, the allies will swap to Player 1+3 vs Player 2+4
For Game 3, allies will again be assigned in order of arrival to channel, skipping any ally you were previously allied to. If a player leaves, you will be reassigned the next available ally.
PLAYERS MAY ENTER BEFORE ANY ROUND** You probably won’t win if you don’t arrive in time for the first game, but people showing up late can be added because of revolving random allies format, which is part of the reason it’s being done this way. It gives flexibility you don’t have to worry about with pre-registered no-shows.
If odd numbers show up, which is likely, some players may have to sit some rounds. In general, players will be assigned to teams in order of arrival in channel with some flexibility to avoid re-allying the same person repeatedly.

1. You can enter this tournament before any Game in case you can’t make it for 2 but still want to participate. You most likely won’t win since others will be ahead in points, but you can still play.
2. No hacking or cheating. SS must be provided upon request.
3. War2USA Code of Conduct is in effect.
4. Players not abiding by the rules will be eliminated.

This post will be updated soon with map pictures.

If we don’t get even numbers of players in groups of 4 for 2’s, if two players are left out alone, they will be allowed to 1s for that round and have it count for a Game Point.

The goal is to have a great time playing many new maps with unique layouts and challenges, land, water, and hybrid, various sizes, playing with different allies of different levels, and compete to find out who is the MOST VERSATILE WARCRAFT 2 PLAYER in 2019.

If there is a tie at the end, and more than 1 player has the same number of Game Points, they will fight each other to break the tie.

Come join us Sunday, December 8th at 2 pm EST for this special event enjoying the game we all love, Warcraft 2.

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