2v2 Moriouce Tournament Winner

I would like to thank all the players who took part in today’s tournament! The versatility of players was tested as players were met with small maps, big maps, land maps, water maps, high res, low res, hybrid maps, and constantly changing allies! To top it off, an FFA was thrown in at the end!

Not all W2 players are brave enough to play an assortment of brand new maps in a competition, so kudos to those who were! We also met a number of players new to War2USA server, so welcome!

Our 3 remarkably versatile finalists who took 3 points each over the 5 map series were Ragner, Rebelrouser, and Nedro.

Due to time constraints on a player needing to leave soon, rather than 1sing out the finalists, we went with a 3 way FFA (which both added another layer of versatility testing, and added more of a luck element to this fun-level tournament) to determine the winner.

The tournament winner is Nedro. Congratulations, Nedro!

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