CaptainKurtz 20 Year Anniversary!

Kurtz shared tonight (was Dec. 13th, 2019 but I stayed up past midnight!) that he found a receipt dated Dec. 13, 1999 for Warcraft 2!

CaptainKurtz celebrated his 20 year anniversary of playing the best game ever made and shared this sweet picture and note with our community!

I remember CaptainKurtz from half a lifetime when I was a teenager and even back then he hosted “High Seas Rumble”, which he also did a few hours ago on his 20th anniversary of playing Warcraft 2.

Thank you for your kind words and lovely note, Kurtz. It means a lot that you are finding peace and enjoyment with all of us at War2USA.

I’m glad you made War2USA your Warcraft 2 home and look forward to many great games to come! Don’t feel bad about tonight, I purposely stacked the teams for the away team since I know like me, you enjoy a challenge. 🙂

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