Happy New Year War2USA!! Games tonight!! =)

It’s been a great year for War2USA. We have something special here. Every one of you brings your own unique flavor to our mix of players from around the world. Thank you everyone for playing at USA and a special thank you to Tupac who pays for and provides us with a wonderful place to enjoy our favorite game in a non-toxic and pleasant environment. Also a special thank you to tech support people easycompany, Lambchops, Tupac, and to game time organizers like ring and Varas, and to everyone who welcomes newcomers and visitors. Thank you to Moriouce and other mapmakers for all the maps. Thank you to Nedro for training sessions and tips of W2 to USA players. And thank you all for playing at and being a part of War2USA. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year and look forward to many more awesome good times in 2020!

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