War2USA Yearbook 2019

War2USA Yearbook 2019

Most improved player: ring62

Top recruiter: ring62

Best player: Dr-Orc (International Warcraft 2 Champion of 2019)

Top 5 strongest new players joining 2019: Ragner, Megalodon, Nedro, PBRMEASAP, MrTheKing

Top 3 most games played on USA: BabyShark, ring62, TOFU

Most sappers: Achilles

Most pauses: ring62

Longest pause: randompeasant (about 20 minutes, we waited, feel the love, random!)

Top 3 most frequent human players: randompeasant, Nedro, BabyRex

Top 3 AFKers: TOFU, randompeasant, disgruntled

Top 3 most diverse strategy: He-Man, Nedro, ring62

Best newb: Hakuxer0

Most devoted Twitch viewers: OKGBlind, payameatsushi, Hakuxer0, jrregan, GrimBarbs, akumakaryudo, oldschoolwar2player, crazyrek, ByHisHand, Knightime98, setpixel, EulertheGreat (THANKS GUYS!!! ❤)

Best at math: TheGoodShepherd, Shadda12, He-Man

Best couple: Lambchops and ashleyy

Top 3 best accent on voice chat: Lambchops, LordVaras, Hakuxer0

Best player who barely ever played in 20 years: Cyan

Top 3 best joke-tellers/funniest: TOFU, Nedro, achilles (see a few of TOFU’s funny sayings here)

Achilles joke, as he fights with his subs: “I will make you “sub”-mit.” Lol.

Puts in a good effort joke-teller: LordVaras 😉

Best smurf: @LordVaras Check 12 😉

Most used catchphrase of War2USA starter: ring62 np

Most watched Youtube videos of 2019:
503 Views Warcraft 2 Tutorials: 13 Common Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

238 Views Warcraft 2 Tutorials: How Units Emerge from Buildings and Why It Matters

235 Views Warcraft 2 International Champion Event with Bonus Exclusive Interview with the Champion

Best Warcraft 2 Server in the world: War2USA


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