Tupac: The New Braveheart

In the beginning of the story of Braveheart, everyone’s favorite epic hero, the evil tyrants of the time thought it was their right to rape everyone’s new bride.

Braveheart married his beloved in secret to avoid this horrific abuse.

The evil rulers didn’t like that.

What happened to him resulted in the birth of a hero who would fight against oppressive rule and tyranny, for all the people who just wanted to live in peace.

Tupac, likewise, was wrongly treated at RU. He watched others mistreated and abused. Even as a child, he wanted justice. He wanted to fight for a better world.

The grown-up Tupac has created a better world for Warcraft 2, for us. We can now play in peace, and enjoy the game we love, without being harassed, insulted, banned, belittled, and antagonized under tyrannical, indifferent leadership.

Tupac has made Warcraft 2 great again.

Tupac, you’re our Braveheart.


7 thoughts to “Tupac: The New Braveheart”

  1. Ahhh Yes cause its the right of everyone to be treated in justice. Viva Freedom!!! Thats why we all prefer to play in a better world of war2, Usa! Freedom and justice are main things here yup np

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