NEW Tournament Friday March 27 FOC and FOB 2v2 by DuMaurier

DuMaurier is hosting a Warcraft 2 tournament this Friday March 27th! Fierce Ocean Combat and Fierce Ocean Battle 2v2.

Preregistering your team is helpful. If you have an ally and are preregistered, be at War2USA by 6:30 pm EST.

If you need an ally, please log in by 6 pm to give DuMaurier a chance to set up brackets and arrange teams as needed.

Once the brackets are complete, latecomers will not be able to join the event in fairness to the players who are on time. An exception will be if an ally drops out and someone is waiting in channel to sub in, maximum one per team of players who did not play in the tournament already. If no sub is available, the team must be disqualified if one drops out for any reason.

DuMaurier is setting up the brackets here.

If you preregister, it will help things get rolling smoother on the day of, but of course everyone is welcome to just show up too.

Hopefully we can get the same fantastically wonderful turnout we had March 20th with a little more organization lol. 🙂

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