2v2 Tournament April 17 Clash/GOW/Woodland Warlords/AYN

Please pre register with your ally if you have one ahead of time to make things roll as smoothly as possible on the day of.

If you have an ally and are pre registered, come for 6:30 pm EST.

If you aren’t preregistered or need an ally, please come at 6 pm to give me time to arrange the brackets.

Round 1 Clash best of 3

Round 2 GOW best of 3

Round 3 Woodland Warlords best of 3

Depending how many players we get, if another map is needed, AYN will follow.

If your ally doesn’t show up, drops out, or has to leave for any reason or has lag/conflict problems, and a spare player is available, you will be allowed up to 1 substitution of players who are not yet on the brackets. Teams eliminated or players dropping out may not form a new alliance and are disqualified.

I think I’ll post brackets directly to the website and just add them in order of registration and then order of arrival.

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