Dr-Orc vs Ragner Series is ALMOST HERE! Monday Nov. 8, 11 pm MST (1 am EST)

The highlight of the year is ALMOST HERE!!! 2 more sleeps! 🤩

I can’t wait to enjoy this series Monday night! I’ll be staying up late to watch the world’s finest Warcraft 2 players battle it out on an array of fresh battlegrounds chosen by our enthusiastic community, created by genius mapmakers like Moriouce, Frosty, Nedro, Captain Pollution and TheGoodShepherd.

It’s very exciting to see pro players on brand new maps, although the map pool for this series also does include the most played W2 map of all time, GOW. It also contains the most recent map contest’s winning new map, Shadowvine Forest by Moriouce!

Besides being amazing at Warcraft 2, these two warriors are also good-natured gentlemen who have won the respect and admiration of the whole community.

We all love you guys no matter the outcome, so thank you on behalf of all Warcraft 2 fans for playing this electrifying, most dazzling series to astonish and delight us all!

I plan to stream it live at https://twitch.tv/w2babyshark.

Click here to view the page that includes the map pool and which will be updated live with the score as the series progresses.

Join our Discord to connect with us here.

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