Many of Moriouce’s unique creations rarely or never see the light of day because the ones that became instant hits like Shadowvine Forest, Prime Woods, Dark Snow, Tundra, and Pain on the Plain get played repeatedly while others get forgotten. My aim is to showcase each piece and give it a chance to shine and maybe discover some new gems or rediscover lost treasures by playing each and every single map he’s released to our community and posting a replay of it as a clickable link when you press a map image at this page and, as always, to have fun playing through fresh battlegrounds with fun people.

This will be ongoing for some time as Moriouce has made over 115 maps for us to play within the last several years and continues to produce new masterpieces that will lay down the battlegrounds of Warcraft 2 history still to come. This is worth celebrating as we approach our 5 year anniversary of War2USA!

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