War2USA 5 Year Anniversary JOIN US Sept. 24th!

We are about to celebrate a milestone of 5 years of War2USA this Sunday evening, September 24, 2023! All are invited to have a great time with us playing the best game ever. We have some brand new maps from Moriouce including again as in the 4 previous years a map made specially for the 5 year anniversary that will be featured!

What makes something like this worth celebrating and memorable is both of two things:

The first is the situation that propelled the need to have a new kind of Warcraft 2 environment, which is basically the toxic cesspool of cruelty, foulness, injustice, and admin indifference that was the previously existing server’s environment 5 years ago (which seems to have somewhat dissipated over time as our success disarmed their contempt) . It was all brought to memory recently by some people and situations and it’s easy to forget as time blurs and fades the darkness from the past and problems and pains and yesterday’s torments become near-forgotten history…only they are always still written in history and have left scars and done damage and so many people who visited that server who could have and would have enjoyed this game we love were driven out and insulted for the crime of being newcomers. In spite of the negatives of the old server, before things got so ugly, specifically targeted at me and people I cared about after I became a vocal opponent of bad behavior, there were so many great times and amazing memories even there and just like I do at War2USA, I promoted events and hosted games and streamed and engaged participation in the old discord and helped build it up from dead emptiness with its creator, my one-time friend who eventually painfully betrayed me to appease the enraged mob, and those great memories with the game and fun people are also part of history and not to be forgotten. One who will be specifically mentioned is Matty who died and is no longer with us and is gone forever, tragic loss, many amazingly good times, never forgotten.

Everyone gets kicked down by life sometimes and things hurt and are stressful, sad, lonely, painful…there’s change and change involves loss and loss is painful. Losing that community and that life I’d spent years in was very painful for me. Betrayals, insults, all kinds of bad stuff, it happened, it hurt, but there was a life beyond the sucky stuff.

The unpleasant stuff we experience can help build us into more resilient, compassionate, forgiving people and I have a God who’s forgiven me for my own mountains of sin through Jesus’ death on the cross and I am given the grace to pray the most for the people who made themselves my enemies.

I want to encourage anyone who is surrounded by mean or rude people or who is in an unbearable job or life situation or just miserable to not let yourself be trapped there. It can be scary to leave the familiar and start something new, but there are so many people in this world and many who will be kind, fun, friendly, uplifting, supportive, happy, pleasant, that you don’t need to feel trapped in a situation that makes you unhappy. Change can be great and it can take hard work and patience and persistence and help from other people but there is a whole new world possible of new people to meet and possibilities for starting something new.

I was told this server would never amount to anything, that the “good players will never come” (I said “I’m okay with that.”), that they would see to it that War2USA failed and died, we were maligned, lied about, accused of stuff we didn’t do, told we should die and be banned, all because we wanted to make a friendly environment to play Warcraft 2 where newcomers are welcome and people can’t be super toxic and harass people by private messages day in day out for years and ban nice people for no reason while protecting the most nasty abusive people and the hate heaped on us was insane for wanting to make a better place.

Of course I want to be all positive and flowery and chipper most of the time but this whole server didn’t come out of nothing or nowhere. There was a need for something different with less vitriol and hate and I had a vision and an empty server was handed to me by Tupac who said, make it, build it, it’s yours. Some friendly people who felt the same way joined for games and we started slow and small and started building gradually over time.

Here is the dedication video I made previously to the Pioneers of War2USA and I’m happy to share it again and thank and acknowledge the people who did come to the empty server with me to help build something, and notably we have, other than Tupac the founder and owner, ring62, LordVaras, TOFU, disgruntled, Lambchops, TheGoodShepherd, Dr, LetsRemake, justin, DeathKnight~, He-Man, , ehr, achilles, iz7z, the Peasants, and many more, and to make sure I don’t leave anyone out, here’s the original THANKING THE War2USA PIONEERS VIDEO (which was made less than 1 year after opening night and mentions the 5 year mark over 4 years in the future!):

The second reason besides how the negative environment that existed previously created a need for something better is how awesome War2USA has been across these 5 years. Surrrre, there’s been some drama here and there, some hurt feelings, we are imperfect, we are human, we aren’t always our best selves and all of us can sometimes be a little cantankerous, but it has been the most positive, friendly, forgiving, polite, happy, welcoming place to play Warcraft 2 in over 20 years across my time with the game.

Nothing would have happened without the God who created me and sustains me daily who has loved me with an everlasting love and in his enormous kindness has fulfilled my wish and prayer when it looked like my W2 days were over to “please let me still be able to play my favorite game” and He has been more than generous in answering my prayer and blessed the effort to have a fun and positive W2 community beyond what I ever expected.

I am very thankful for what @tupac has done and given us, I’m thankful to @ring62 and @lordvaras for the loyalty and support and kindness and friendship they showed in the early days of War2USA. I’m thankful for all the players and tech support people and the stream viewers and map makers @moriouce @frostyinsanity @frontliner2 @nedro @thegoodshepherdand whatever happens in the future, it was great times, great laughs, great memories, a wonderful ride. I also warmly welcome all the new people who joined us since that Pioneer video was made like Maxx444 and Seuss and Lost~One has become central since then and of course late-night plop and so many but excited to see more strong gaming from daybreak also, I’m so sorry if anyone who wanted mention got left out!

I am humbled by the wonderful community that has blossomed around this game and I’m so thankful for what it has been. Thank you all for playing at War2USA and your continued involvement here and I can’t wait to keep making more memories with all of you.

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