4 Map FFA Tournament April 12

Buff’s tournament seemed well-received and enjoyed by the community so I’m offering another opportunity for FFA battles and will use a point system similar to what I used for my previous FFA tournament which Ragner won, FFasAlways placed 2nd, and Shep placed 3rd. This is the link to the last one with point system, although the new point system will be different: http://war2usa.com/index.php/fun-four-map-ffa-tournament/
It also includes video from stream that day.
Because our community is generally amicable and trustworthy, I’m hoping to be able to play it in melee setting so I could watch and stream the games with commentary and not get killed in the process. 😁 Click here to go to the webpage for more info on the 4 Map FFA Tournament of 2024!

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