5 Year Anniversary Tournament July 21, 2023

Plan on being at War2USA for a little fun competition with the 5 Year Anniversary Tournament, scheduled for Friday July 21st at 9:30 pm EDT.


Brackets will be posted here.

Click here to view brackets.

For the most up-to-date information, please join War2USA’s Discord by clicking here.

First 6 people to sign up get to enter a map selection (one map per round, number of maps needed will depend on number of participants, unknown until tournament actually starts).
Signed up:
BabyShark, round 1 map pick Stromgarde
Seuss, round 2 map pick Maze Low Resources
LordVaras, round 3 map pick Medusa
iz7z round 4 map pick Stromgarde
Noise, round 5 map pick B2B
ring62, round 6 map pick GOW classic pud

The maps have now been selected and are posted below. Stromgarde was picked by two different players so will be the map for both rounds 1 and 4. If more than 6 rounds are needed, the maps will start over so round 7 will be Stromgarde, round 8 No way out of this maze, etc.. The number of participants will determine the number of rounds needed and we won’t know that until the day of the tournament, this Friday July 21st.


Place: War2USA server
Time: Please be logged in by 9:30 pm EDT, we would like to start as soon as possible and keep waiting in lobby time to a minimum and respect the time of those who show up on time. It will take a little time to set up brackets once everyone has arrived, so please be logged in by 9:30 and indicate your intention to participate. If you are late and the brackets have already been completed, you may be denied entry. Entries will be accepted until brackets are posted.
Format: 1v1 aka 1s Double Elimination  tournament, will be posted on Challonge.com and linked to this page near the top.
Disqualification: If your next match is waiting for 10 minutes and you are afk, you are disqualified and your opponent gets the win. This is not the case if they are waiting and you are still playing your current matchup, only if you are not responsive and appear afk while they are waiting for 10 minutes. If an urgent situation arises
Anyone caught cheating/hacking will be disqualified. We don’t expect this to be an issue on our server or in this tournament. Black to pink and using alternate colors are borderline and will be frowned upon but tolerated. Any program that allows you to see your opponents when you shouldn’t is strictly forbidden. Chop bars are not allowed for this event (though they are fine in casual play). Timer is allowed. Large screen edition is permitted. Please advise if you have any other add-ons/variations. Code of Conduct is in effect. I don’t expect any issues with War2USA players, but the tournament is open to all W2 players from every country on earth.
Custom hot keys (reprogramming the game to alternate buttons besides G for grunt, P for peon, BH for build hall, etc.) changes the game in ways that aren’t accessible to the average player so I would disallow it if there was a way to check for it, though apart from requiring all players to video their keyboards during play, which is unreasonable, I don’t know of a way to prevent it, so therefore the only choice remains to tolerate it, even though it makes the battlefield unlevel.


The winner of this tournament is eligible to collect $250 CAD upon submission of Warvideos or stream replays or other player POV recording from all games. Prize must be collected via PayPal with recipient info provided within one month of the tournament date (by Aug. 21, 2023). Prize uncollected by this date is forfeit. If you live in a country where PayPal is unavailable, speak to me prior to the tournament to discuss options as I am not about to fly to foreign lands to deliver gold nuggets if easy transfer infrastructure is unavailable.


I plan to stream live at twitch.tv/w2babyshark. I plan to participate in this super fun looking tournament as well.