About the Game we Play

Warcraft II is a medieval fantasy themed video game which was released in 1995 by Blizzard Entertainment, and little did they know, they had unleashed the best video game of all time.

Warcraft II units include peons who gather gold and lumber to enable you to enlarge your village and army, grunts and who can scout and attack, dragons for aerial attack, death knights and mages for attacking and defending with magic spells, ships, dwarven demolition squads, and more.

You build bases, upgrade your army’s strength and abilities, and expand your territory and try to defeat the opposing player or team by speed, strategy, and surprise. The game is truly fantastic and well worth trying if you like RTS (real time strategy) video games.

The game may be a bit older, but they really struck gold with this one and produced a gem that is supremely fun to play over and over again.

It’s a thrill when you sneak by your enemy to rain blizzard on his gold mining peons, wiping out his economy, or when you’re able to seal off your wall just the second your enemy is about to burst in on you and defend your town from inside with a tower, catapult, or archer. There are so many possibilities in this game, and so much variation in the game, that it’s endlessly replayable and provides a ton of fun, especially when you’re playing with people you enjoy allying with.

Here you can download the game for free and play against real people in real time in the Downloads section.