April 17 2v2 Tournament

Round 1 bo3: Clash KPUD
Round 2 bo3: GOW
Round 3 bo3: Woodland Warlords

For more details and rules, please scroll down to below brackets.


DuMaurier has offered to take care of brackets, so I’ll post his link here and then update this page after the tournament’s over with the info on how it went down!
Click here to see April 17 Clash Tournament brackets! Please report teams and wins and losses to DuMaurier!


1. BabyShark/Babyfin
2. rareskills/Erikt77

3. Barbie/Ken
4. PurpleCube/PurpleSphere

5. Spero_Gin/CaptainErable
6. He-Man/DuMaurier

9. BabyFin/BabyShark
10. PurpleCube/PurpleSphere

11. He-Man/DuMaurier
12. Achilles/CaptainErable


Winning team: BabyFin/BabyShark

Random draw for all participants winner of $25 USD: Erikt77
Thank you to Nedro for taking care of the draw. Thank you to DuMaurier for taking care of the brackets. Thank you to all the participants for playing the best game ever made, Warcraft 2!

Tournament Details

When to arrive

If you don’t have an ally, please log in at 6 pm EST so alliances can be arranged prior to the start time.
If you have an ally, please let me know so I can add you to the brackets above, and feel free to show up closer to 6:30 pm EST, but if your ally doesn’t show up, rearranging will still be needed.

Subs if Ally Drops Out

Once the tournament has started, if an ally drops out for any reason, you will be permitted to take a new ally if one is available, but only from people who have not played in the tournament so far. Changing allies partway through is not allowed for reasons other than ally dropping out or having to leave. Subs may be unavailable and are not guaranteed. In the unlikely event two teams have a player need to leave, the remaining players will be allowed to ally each other if no other sub is available and if neither has been eliminated. Players from eliminated teams are disqualified from subbing in.

Guidelines for Clash Tournament

Mods not allowed for this event: Map hacks, build hacks, macros, double click, chop bars

Mods frowned upon but not bannable offense: Black to pink patch, custom hot keys, timer
It is requested that you report use of these mods so other players are aware of what advantage you may have. If someone wins who has mods in this category, it will be posted with the win “used xyz mod”.

Programs welcomed: Insight, War2Observe showing APM, Warvideo, custom imagery, graphics, tilesets, colors that don’t give any advantage but are just for personal aesthetic appeal

The goal is to have a level playing field for everyone while acknowledging that some changes to this 20 year old game have become commonly accepted in spite of how detestable they are (black to pink).


If you AFK forever, you will probably be eliminated. After a minimum 5 minute wait, elimination will be possible. If the other players are content to wait longer, they may.

Ally Rage Management Techniques

This hasn’t been an issue yet,  but it’s good to be prepared as increasing numbers of migrant players are stepping on USA turf.

1. If your ally becomes enraged during the tournament, make an effort to calm him down.
2. Say “It will be okay.”
3. If that doesn’t work, say, “It’s only a game.”
4. If that doesn’t work, take several deep breaths, get up, walk around, and do some stretches.
5. Remain calm.
6. Refer to this article.
7. If steps 1-6 fail, then bs them in the next game, laugh, and take ss.