Beat Up He-Man Night June 14

A unique opportunity is being offered to play He-Man 1v1 in Best of 3 mini series. Challenger chooses a map. Then He-Man chooses a map. If 2-0, your turn ends. If 1-1, a tiebreaker map is chosen by stream viewers or lobby spectators. All maps should be different, no repeats. Scroll down for map criteria.

Pre-registered spots (maximum 4), others can show up the day of the event and line up
2. BabyShark
3. disgruntled
4. dannyldd

Choosing Maps for this Event

1. Maps that qualify for this series are normal playstyle meaning you mine gold, chop trees, and build buildings. No altered properties including changes in unit hp or build times or other standard game mechanics permitted. (No Freeeeee, No PBall, Archers Only, Cats n Rats, etc.)
2. Speed will be EF, start location random, 1 peon start
3. Map chooser can also choose tileset and resources, with standard high res if no other res is indicated.
4. Map must have gold and trees. (ie. Mutton is DQ’d)
5. Other than that, maps can be big, small, old, new, BNE or made by current map makers or players. Huge pool of hundreds of maps to choose from.


I would like to include these results in the SF records. Anyone who is willing and able, please Warvid, Insight, stream, or otherwise record games so others can enjoy them into the future! 🙂