Code of Conduct

The mission of this Warcraft II community is to provide an enjoyable place for as broad a range of people as would be interested in playing this game to have a non-toxic, welcoming, friendly place to play the best video game of all time. Whether it’s a 15 year old girl or a 65 year old grandpa, everyone who can behave with a basic level of propriety should feel welcome here.

Intolerable behaviors include:

1. Harassing other members by private or public messaging

2. Obscene, vulgar comments

3. Unwanted sexual messages by private or public messaging

4. Curse words used in main Discord channel and main War2USA server channel (including and especially attempting to circumvent censors in main Discord channel and main Server channel War2BNE). Infrequent usage not directed offensively at other users in games, game lobbies, private channels, and private messages is not monitored and is only problematic if someone in the game complains, in the absence of vitriolic intent. Please be aware of who you’re playing with and if you have newcomers or younger users present, please be courteous.

5. Uncalled-for rudeness (such as calling new players garbage or telling them to uninstall the game or kill themselves)

6. Threats of real life death or violence

7. Racist comments (dehumanizing, promoting hatred or violence towards people on the basis of skin color)

8. Sexist comments (objectifying, dehumanizing, inciting and promoting hatred towards males or females based on gender)

9. Posting pornographic content or links

10. Promoting illegal narcotics or posting links

11. Advertising or spamming is subject to our discretion.

12. Posting or sharing anyone’s personal information publicly (name, address, photos, etc.) without their consent

13. Banning new players for no reason (if you want to play privately, host a private passworded game and don’t tell others the password)

14. Inserting your bots anywhere in USA community is subject to our discretion. If we know you and trust you, we will probably be fine with your bot(s).

15. Usernames that are vulgar, crude, racist, Satanic, threatening or otherwise inappropriate are not a part of W2 paradise.


Habitually toxic users will be removed.

The interest here is in protecting the community, not in mollycoddling 30 year old adults who are angry at the world and don’t know how to behave decently or act their age.

Behaviors that are disruptive to other users or impinge on others’ ability to enjoy the game such as hacking/cheating, frequent intentional disconnecting, routinely attacking allies whose game is ruined, may result in warnings or bans.

The staff is made up of volunteers who are passionate about this game and keeping the community clean and user-friendly, and especially welcoming to new users and beginners trying out the game. All decisions are entirely at the discretion of the staff and are made in the best interests of keeping the community a friendly and welcoming place for everyone, which is the kind of place people want to be at.

More Details

The main Discord channel War2USA Discord and the main channel in the War2USA server are moderated by censor bots, as we want to keep those clean and friendly.

Private games, channels, lobbies, and messages will be dealt with on a by-complaint-basis by a user who is in the game. People who know each other and have a certain rapport with each other can relax among themselves in games, but be alert for newcomers and possibly children who may be present and please exercise a higher level of decorum in those cases.

The goal is to maintain a positive, friendly, welcoming environment, not to nitpick or penalize for accidental slips or friendly-intentioned language among friends who know each other well.

It is forbidden to ban new players from games at War2USA for no reason. If you have people you have personality conflicts with that you don’t want to play with, fine. Smoothing it over and making up is ideal, but some people just don’t mesh well together. If smurfs are violating the Code of Conduct, get SS’s, stream, or Warvid and troublemakers will be warned or disciplined. If you want to play privately with people you know or skilled players, host a private game and do not tell everyone the password. This community is founded on the principal of being friendly and welcoming to newcomers and newbs and effort will be applied to keep it that way. Getting banned instantly for no reason is a fast way to drive newcomers away. Make private games protected by secret passwords if you want to play with specific people only.

Those who intentionally evade censor bots, attack the community’s right to exist, attack the community’s mission or code of conduct, intentionally aggravate, harass, or pester users, and those who have a history of toxic behavior and speech will be removed. Consider this Code of Conduct a first warning.

Behaviors that will result in immediate permanent bans include:

– Sexual messaging to a minor child or user claiming to be a minor, in accordance with the laws in United States of America, prohibiting such. This may also result in being reported to the authorities.

– Real life death threats to any user.

– Repetitive, persistent one-sided harassment of any user.

We reserve the right to handle offenses against the Code of Conduct in the manner we deem most fair and appropriate and beneficial in the long-term to the health and success of our community.

We also reserve the right to change and modify the Code of Conduct, always in accordance with our Mission Statement should the need arise or should we anticipate a future problem.

War2USA’s admins are Tupac and BabyShark. We both endeavor to treat people fairly and in accordance with the intended purpose of the Code of Conduct which exists to serve the best interests of the community of War2USA. Bad apples will be removed to prevent the decay of the entire bushel. It is likely that years down the road, we will hand the reins over to the next generation of Warcraft 2 lovers, when worthy candidates who have played for a number of years demonstrate desirable admin traits (passion for Warcraft 2, honesty, dependability, kindness, resilience, patience in the face of adversarial users) and so on, rise above the crowd and are deemed fit to handle the responsibility of carrying this best of games into the future.

If you have any questions or have a problem with the behavior of another user on War2USA, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our Discord chat or Forums.

In the event you do have an issue with another user’s conduct, please get screenshots or Twitch stream or Warvideo or photographs of the computer monitor as evidence to make the situation easier for us to solve for you.

Happy gaming!