Doubles Sharkfights

Same general rules apply as to regular singles Sharkfights (see here for more info on that).

Since this is a new venture, there will likely be a little bit of trial and error in establishing the system, but I expect it to look something like:

1. Kraken & Player5 +8 -2
2. JohnC & Mitchell +7 -3
3. FiercePeasant & Raven +2 -8
4. NurseShark & Mitchell +2 -8
5. Kraken & FireHorse +1 -9

So people can appear in as many teams as they can find allies. So if #1 and #2 team contain a same player, how can they move up? This is part of what still needs solving, hah. Open to ideas.

This is a work in progress in the idea phase, but would like to start getting the “trialling” started as soon as possible!