Dr-Orc vs Ragner Pro Series Aug 2020!!

I am thrilled to have these two expert Warcraft 2 players set to do a 1s series Sat. Aug. 15 at 2:30 am EST. This is a Warcraft 2 fan dream come true!

How the series works:

Each player will take turns choosing a map from the pool. Once a map is chosen, it is eliminated from the pool, so 10 different maps will be played. All 10 games should be finished as per Sharkfight style regardless of score. In the event of 5-5, an 11th game will break the tie and decide the winner.

One peon start, EF speed, person choosing map chooses res setting also.

Please provide Warvideos to claim prize.

Winner: $175 USD
Other player: $50 USD

Game 1 Ragner pick Medusa, Ragner win
Game 2 Dr-Orc pick PAM, Dr-Orc win
Game 3 Ragner pick GSEPS, Ragner win
Game 4 Dr-Orc pick Mr. Bean, Ragner win
Game 5 Ragner pick NWTR, Dr-Orc win
Game 6 Dr-Orc pick Arctic Wheel, Dr-Orc win
Game 7 Ragner pick Pain on the Plain, Ragner win
Game 8 Dr-Orc pick Lanes BNE, Dr-Orc win
Game 9 Ragner pick GOW, Ragner win
Game 10 Dr-Orc pick Soldiers, Dr-Orc win
Game 11 Ragner pick Soggy Marshland BNE, Dr-Orc win

Check out the pros’ point of view!

Let’s watch their Warvideos together below!

Games 2-4 Both POVs (more to come)