War2USA 3 Year Anniversary Tournament!


Brackets will be posted here.

Click here to view brackets.

For the most up-to-date information, please join War2USA’s Discord by clicking here.

Please report game results to DuMaurier, disgruntled, LordVaras, or BabyShark, whoever is not currently in a match. We all plan to help keep things rolling smoothly and updated and all also plan to play in the tournament.


Round 1 – Shadowvine Forest
Round 2 – Honey Swamp BNE
Round 3 – ANiMA
Round 4 – Eight Ball
Round 5 – Twin Peninsula
Round 6 – Medusa
(Then go through the maps again in the same order as needed.)
Round 7 – Shadowvine Forest
Round 8 – Honey Swamp BNE
Round 9 – Eight Ball
ETC. until complete, depends on number of players that participate.


Place: War2USA server
Time: Please be logged in by 9:30 pm EST, we would like to start as soon as possible and keep waiting in lobby time to a minimum and respect the time of those who show up on time. It will take a little time to set up brackets once everyone has arrived, so please be logged in by 9:30 and indicate your intention to participate. If you are late and the brackets have already been completed, you may be denied entry. Entries will be accepted until DuMaurier posts the brackets.
Format: 1v1 aka 1s Double Elimination  tournament, will be posted on Challonge.com and linked to this page near the top.
Disqualification: If your next match is waiting for 10 minutes and you are afk, you are disqualified and your opponent gets the win.
Anyone caught cheating/hacking will be disqualified. We don’t expect this to be an issue on our server or in this tournament. Black to Pink patch is borderline and will be frowned upon but tolerated. Please advise if you have any other add-ons/variations. Code of Conduct is in effect. I don’t expect any issues with War2USA players, but the tournament is open to all W2 players.


I plan to stream live at twitch.tv/w2babyshark. I plan to participate in this super fun looking tournament as well.