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Server Costs

Do you guys host an offshore server for Warcraft II BNE games or is it done through a personal computer?

If the answer is the former, how much is paid per month?

And is there a donation option as well?

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We use a cloud provider which can range from 60 to 100 USD a month. We currently don't accept donations as we don't own the game and I would not feel right. Me and my staff pay for everything out of our pockets and just love to support the game.

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Thanks! Tupac Administrator

Are you sure?

I don't work for Activision Blizzard or Microsoft or whoever owns the company at present. I swear.

You guys are entitled to some money regardless of whether you own the game or not, because you guys are doing a great service to Warcraft II fans.

I had fun playing with you guys.

But if you absolutely refuse, I won't force the issue.

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