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Summer Map Contest 2024

There has been interest in a map contest expressed so I decided to have one for the people who love making maps and since, for people like me who thrive on map variety and revel in the changing scenery of Warcraft 2 games, new maps keep things fresh and exciting.

The deadline will be August 24, 2024 by midnight EST. Each player may submit up to 5 maps and this time I think it's a good idea to have them as much as possible submitted in such a way that voters don't know which map was made by which person so they aren't influenced by how much they like the person but rather by the actual map itself. So you're encouraged by not required to submit maps privately so the authors can be kept secret until afterwards. If you've already posted a map in a website or forum or discord, don't worry, you can still use it and probably many people will either have missed it or forget.

8 player maps get used the most, but maps can be big, medium, or small in size and fit 2-8 players and can be water or land.

I'd like to post pics of entries as they come in (if some come in early) to encourage more people to make maps after seeing the beautiful pictures.