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Tumbledown (2015)

This is the first thing I've watched this year that wasn't a Korean drama, and I regret watching it.

It's so bad, like so, so seriously horrible that it's unbelievable such trash would ever get made.

Grieving country life widow hires a city guy to co-author a book about her dead musician husband since he's a fan of the music. She is rude to him, her dead husband's family is rude to him, he's lame and trying to please and appease them and apologize for breathing. He's staying in her cabin or house or whatever it is. Randomly he asks to kiss her. Out of nowhere. Then they do it. Then he says he loves her. 2 minutes ago he had a girlfriend who was way nicer and way better looking than angry widow from hell. No explanation what happened there. Then widow's mean to him again for no particular reason, tells him to get lost for the 3rd or 4th time. Do modern women nowadays think they can be rude and awful and men will want to be around anyway to be the punching bag for their frequent bad moods? Is that how modern men are?

There's nothing appealing about this movie, with the possible exception of short clips of somewhat passable music and random nature scenery.

I haven't finished it and don't particularly want to.

Worst movie I've seen this year. Not memorable enough to be the worst movie of all time.