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Varas's Hot Chile Beach Tournament May 10th

Exciting news! Varas is planning his first tournament for teams of 3 on some of his favorite water maps: HSC, FOC, and Moriouce's Total Wave War. Coming up May 10th. Click here to go to the web page for more information. More will be added as we get closer to the day.

Sign up if you haven't yet!

Start signing up for this tournament! We have I think 7 officially signed up of at least 21 who expressed interest, so if you think you'll play even if you're not 100% sure if you'll be able to make it, sign up to help plan and prepare for the right numbers and to help team arrangement happen more smoothly.

Just tell Varas or me in Discord, ez.

Tournament tonight! Be logged in by 9 pm EST to participate. All welcome.

Click here to see website for more info.