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War2USA Celebrating 5 Years!

Join us in celebrating 5 years! Great times, awesome games, fun people, fantastic community, all welcome!

All USA players are invited to fill out the following for the 5 Year Yearbook for War2USA for fun and nostalgia. You can DM me your answers in discord for inclusion on the web site. You are welcome to add more categories keeping in mind we are aiming to veer towards lighthearted, fun, and positive with this. 😉
You *can* list more than one answer if you are really torn.

Strongest player:
2nd strongest player:
Most improved player:
Best ally:
Most creative player:
Most aggressive player:
Best jokes/funniest:
Best mannered/most gentlemanly:
Best trash talker:
Best rage logger:
Bravest player:
Most levelheaded player:
Best excuses when lost a game:
Most likely to get tripled:
Best at Sim City:
Most likely to retire then return:
Best host:
Best mapmaker:
Favorite maps:

5 Year Anniversary of War2USA is coming up SOON!!!! This Sunday evening!!

Hope to have a really fun night of gaming including Moriouce's brand new maps Wheel of Fortune and Anniversary 5th!