Guide for Beginners

Generally, you will begin the game with one orc peon or one human peasant.

Select the peon with your mouse left click. You can move units with the right click targeting where you want them to move. When your peon is selected, you will see on the left the option to build a building. At first, you only have the option to build a hall. After your hall is finished, you will have more options for what you can build. There are also shortcut keyboard keys to all of the buildings and units. For example, when you have selected your peon or peasant, you can press “b” for build and “h” for hall to save having to click the picture on the left. Over the course of a game, using shortcut keys will save you a lot of time and help you get faster at the game.

The hall should be placed as close as possible to a gold mine, as your peons will make many trips back and forth to the gold mine, and a shorter distance between the gold and your hall will enable you to get gold faster and be able to build more units and buildings faster. In real time, speed matters. You want to beat your enemies to having a more powerful army sooner.

Your town hall or great hall can produce more peons or peasants, which you want to continuously produce throughout the game.

As soon as your hall is complete, you will need to build a farm, as you will be unable to produce more peons unless you have enough food being grown and enough gold to afford to buy new peons. You should continue to make peons, as they are the foundation of your operation and the more of them you have, the more quickly you can gather gold and lumber and make buildings and produce units and expand to other gold mines to grow your power on the map.

Keep reading further to get an overview of the basic buildings and the buildings unique to each race.