The KPUDS were developed for Kali and Kahn, which were servers that came before us. I never played on them and never knew any of these map authors. I found some of the information included on this page (such as titles and authors) here: KPUD Page by MugWump

Some of the KPUDS had already been included in War2USA’s website in other map collections as they have been more frequently played and I didn’t even realize they were from the KPUD collection. Some of these titles are Bayou by MugWump, Cross the Center, Valley of the Lost Peons, Water Maze by Cnight (currently in “Bayou Map Collection”) and Agent’s Traps, Canals by MugWump, Crossings by Weave, and The Hunters (currently in “Best of the Best Fresh Maps Collection”).

If someone knows corrections or has additions to this page, I welcome that information.

It’s neat to see some of these unique creations from Warcraft II’s history from players that came before us.

Enjoy the collection.

Download the collection: KPUDS

KPUD Credits (if known)

Two Ways in by Bacchus
3’s Company by Cypherius
8 Cross by Anvil
8 Man War by The Poolman
Agent’s Traps by Agent911
Amazed by MugWump
Bayou by MugWump
Backdoor by Anvil
Canals by MugWump
Chop Through by MugWump
Clash by MogKupo
Center War by MugWump
Conquer All by Hostile
Cold War by Ohwrd
Cross the Center by Bacchus
Crossings by Weave
Daisy War in Bloom by Whitey
Decisions by MugWump
Diamond Rocks by MugWump
Discovery Isle by Cameron Petie
Fixed GOW by MugWump
Fierce Ocean Battle by Cnight
Fierce Ocean War by SirMino
Four Leaf Clover by Telcontar
Friendly Isles by Anvil
Friends on Sea by MugWump
Gold Rush by Cobra
Hammer by King Sley
Hexagon by AlteracHigh Plains Combat by Bacchus
Ice Web by MugWump
Inner Circle by Anvil
Inside Out by El Dorado
Land & Sea by MugWump
Meeting Place by Cobra
Neighbors by Cobra
Ogre Rule by Gotcha
Oil is the Key by CornFlakes
Pirate’s Cove by Kyp
Rockies by ^RaiN^ and @gent
Return to GOW by Ryan Haney
Ringmaster by Pharkath
Sea to Sea by Agent911
Snow Fields by Anvil
Spiral 2 by Gotcha
Stake Your Claim by N Eurisko
Suicide Centre by Cameron Petie
Treasure Island by Alterac
Turtle Rock by Zot
Two Ways In by Bacchus
Valley of the Lost Peons by El Dorado
What is the Key by Gotcha
Woodland Trails by MugWump
War Lake by Magius
Water Maze by Cnight
X Island by Ryan Haney
X Mountain by Enrique