Matty Memorial Tournament 2023

Matty Memorial Tournament on Clickable link

Congratulations to Incos for winning the Matty Memorial Tournament of 2023 and nice show from 2nd place contender GreenGoblin who surprised everyone by knocking out one of the best Warcraft 2 players in the world! Thank you to everyone who played and watched the tournament!

The Matty Memorial Tournament is set for Tuesday Nov. 28th, 2023 at 9:00 pm EST at War2USA server. Join the Discord if you need tech support. If you plan to participate, it is helpful if you let us know to speed up bracket setup so we can get games going as soon as possible. It’s 1s double elimination and the maps are some of Matty’s favorites. And, YES! We do have a sapper war map included since Matty loved that one and it will be hilarious fun.

Round 1 – Gold Separates East & West, High resources
Round 2 – Instant Action BNE Fixed Order (sapper wars)
Round 3 – Plains of Snow, Low Resources
Round 4 – Garden of War classic, High resources
Round 5 – Rose Petal BNE, High resources
Round 6 – Forest Trail, High resources

If more than 6 rounds are needed, same maps in reverse order so Round 7 Forest Trail, Round 8 Rose Petal, Round 9 GOW (but I don’t expect it to go that long).
Pay attention to the Round number in the Matty Memorial Challonge bracket as sometimes you may have done a map already and then you’re in a round number in the other bracket which is the same map. So go by the round number rather than what you already played or didn’t play.

**Note**: Instant Action BNE to be hosted on Top v Bottom setting and Fixed Order. If you host it on melee setting you will not start with the buildings you should have.