Mystery Allies Tournament

Join us at War2USA Friday August 18th, 2023 at 9:30 pm EDT for a 2v2 double elimination doubles tournament on assorted maps where no one knows who their ally will be until the start of the tournament!

Bracket should be visible by clicking here tomorrow night after it’s launched.

Congratulations to Daybreak and MFSC on their victory!

Sign up at Challonge by clicking here or by letting me know on Discord (click here to join our Discord).

First players signed up made map selections in accordance with the map selection parameters listed below.

BabyShark – Map pick Four is a Crowd by Moriouce
disgruntled – Map pick Bridge to Bridge Combat
Buff4Eyes – Map pick Clash TGS
disgruntled – Map pick NWTR
Buff4Eyes – Map pick Wychwood MBM by Moriouce
BabyShark – Map pick Autumn Bloom by Moriouce

Map Selection Parameters

Normal playstyle maps with no altered properties (such as paintball or changed building times, unit hit points, or costs), one peon start, map must contain a gold mine for each start location equal in amount for all start spots, starting gold maximum 60k, map must contain some trees that are accessible to all start spots, map must have at least 4 start spots but may contain more.

Tournament Information

Be logged in by 9:30 pm EDT. We aim to get started as promptly as possible to keep waiting to a minimum. You may be unable to enter once brackets are posted, which would hopefully be within a few minutes of the posted start time. Signed up users who are not present when it is time to launch will have to be removed or replaced to allow the event to get started.

If your ally drops out or has to leave

Maximum one substitution will be permitted per team if your ally loses internet or power or is unable to continue for any reason if one is available who has not yet been eliminated from this tournament. It could be someone who has not yet played in this tournament or someone who also lost an ally. Intentional or preplanned substitutions are not allowed. This is only for the sake of the tournament being able to continue in the unfortunate we lose a player from a team that is still in competition. If no player is available to replace a lost ally with in 10 minutes, the team will be forced to either play alone 1v2 or forfeit all upcoming matches. Hopefully this doesn’t happen.