New Year Joy Tournament Jan. 4th


Prizes kindly offered by a Maxx444 include $40 CAD for winner and $10 CAD for random draw to be sent via PayPal. To be eligible for the prize winnings of $40 dollars you must play start to finish, no substitutions. To be eligible for the random draw of $10 you just have to sign up and play start to finish (until you are out). Thank you to Maxx!


New 1s double elimination tournament coming soon to War2USA on Thursday January 4th at 9:30 pm. We are dealing with various time zones and some people are later and some earlier, so I will aim to start on time or as early as possible after 9:30. Please be logged in before 9:30 to ensure you are entered into the bracket. The Discord event feature shows events in your own time zone. Pre-registration is helpful but not required. If I know you are coming I can hold a few minutes for you. We have a history of enjoyable and smooth-running tournaments at War2USA so I expect it to be a great time. If you have any questions or want to participate but don’t know how, please join the Discord and let us know there.


I just set it so users with Challonge accounts who have registered for the tournament can input their own results into the system since if I’m in a match I don’t want to delay the progress of the tournament. Click here for the Challonge link or copy paste into another browser tab:

Dropouts and Subs

Once a user who is scheduled to play an opponent has been disced, missing, or afk after being messaged to join the next match, a 10 minutes timer will be turned on. Once the timer runs out or if a user let us know they needed to leave for some reason, if a sub is available, a sub (must not have played in the tournament previously) will be allowed to take his place. If no sub is available, it will count as loss for the missing player.


There will be a winners bracket at the top showing on the Challonge link as well as a lower bracket below. The maps are assigned to the round number and are the same for both brackets. So you may have played Round 2 map in top bracket and then be playing the same map in Round 2 of bottom bracket again. Go by the round number, not by what you played or didn’t play so far.

Round 1 Paradise Lost (ring62)
Round 2 NWTR Map Default Resources (Anonymous)
Round 3 Runners (Ragner)
Round 4 Woodland Warlords (Lost~One)
Round 5 GOW (Incos)
Round 6 Woodland Warlords
If more rounds are needed, Woodland Warlords will be used for all remaining rounds round 6 and on.


I plan to stream this at this channel. If Maxx or plop or anyone else plans to stream, let me know and I’ll be happy to add your stream links here!


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