Monday nights at 10 pm EST will be GAME TIME on a regular basis. You’re invited!! :)

Monday nights at 10 PM EST, there will be someone for you to play at Warcraft II USA with unless otherwise posted on Discord in the event no one can make it on a particular night.

You’re invited to join the fun!

Check on Discord for more playing times and to invite others to play. You can also get technical help or ask any questions on our Discord server. Join up!

*Update: Monday nights 10 pm are no longer the regular game time. Friday nights at 7 pm EST will be a regular time most weeks now as of Jan. 17, 2019 including tomorrow. The best places to check player availability are Discord and also the calendar found here: 2019 War2USA Calendar. The next game time will also usually be posted on the server itself in the greeting message.

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I will taking the server down for an hour in the next week to do some updates to the pvpgn. The newest version is more stable and has corrected many memory leaks. I will announce 24 hours before I schedule the system maintenance.

Play some matches with your friends. It will benefit me by using the statistics for the ladder design. You will also benefit from the points you accrue. Check your points with the stats command. The more points you have the better icons, ranks, etc. will unlock.



1. The website now has a DNS.

2. I have installed a SMTP server. I will be completing the installation and configuration tomorrow. After that we should be able to receive emails to register accounts, reset passwords, etc.

3. The Warcraft 2 client has been created. I’m still fixing up a few things. So expect to have a full non-stripped down version of warcraft 2 available for download soon. The file size is expected to be around 650MB.

Thanks 🙂