Pro to Face War2USA Champion

It’s not often an even this exciting is seen in the Warcraft 2 universe!

I am thrilled to announce this upcoming PRO CHALLENGER vs WAR2USA CHAMPION special Sharkfight style series to be live streamed for your viewing pleasure on February 24th, 7 pm EST.

It will be 10 different maps with $175 USD prize for the winner.

Come watch on live stream at how the versatile hot-stuff, all-map-playing pros fight it out on a diverse range of battlegrounds.

Pro Challenger will choose the first map from the map pool and then choice will alternate between the two combatants, with each map eliminated from the pool after it’s been played.

Game 1 Megalodon choice Crater Forest, Champion win
Game 2 Champ choice Four is a Crowd, Megalodon win
Game 3 Megalodon choice The Ring, Champion win
Game 4 Champ choice Islands of War, Champion win
Game 5 Megalodon choice Swamps, Champion win
Game 6 Champ choice Warmongers, Champion win
Game 7 Megalodon choice Aegirs Ford, Champion win
Game 8 Champ choice Poinsettia, Champion win
Game 9 Challenger choice Pixel, Champion win
Game 10 Champ choice 8th Lake, Champion win

Final Score Champion 9, Challenger 1

Thank you to Megalodon and War2USA Champion for coming out to support Warcraft 2, the game we all love, and to provide us with some exciting and entertaining pro play games! The fans will love watching you and there were many very close games with lots of great action! Well done, both of you!