Sharkfight Scoresheet BabyShark vs disgruntled

1st Sharkfight Series

BabyShark: 6 of 10
disgruntled: 4 of 10

Game 1 Baby pick Honey Swamp, Baby win
Game 2 Baby pick Forest Trail, disgrunt win
Game 3 Baby pick POS LOW, Baby win
Game 4 disgrunt pick GOW, disgrunt win
Game 5 disgrunt pick TwnHrbr, Baby win (streamed Feb. 6, 2020)
Game 6 disgrunt pick Gold Mines, Baby win (streamed Feb. 6, 2020)
Game 7 disgrunt pick B2B, disgrunt win (streamed Feb. 6, 2020)
Game 8 Baby pick PAM, Baby win (Games 8-10 Insighted April 11, 2020)
Game 9 disgrunt pick Gold Rush, Baby win
Game 10 disgrunt pick No Way Out of this Maze, disgrunt win

Sharkfight 2nd Series

BabyShark: 0
disgruntled: 3

Game 1 Baby pick Mr. Bean, disgrunt win (streamed Oct. 19, 2020)
Game 2 disgrunt pick Canals KPUD, disgrunt win (streamed Aug. 8, 2022)
Game 3 unknown pick Blaze, disgrunt win (from Discord sf records, dated Oct. 4, 2021)

Sharkfight Special Viewers Pick Maps Series (scroll down for YT video BS pov)

disgruntled: 7
BabyShark: 3

Game 1 disgrunt pick (since viewers didn’t arrive yet) B2B, disgrunt win
Game 2 Van’s Atlas, disgrunt win
Game 3 Pain on the Plain, disgrunt win
Game 4 NWTR, Baby win
Game 5 Woodland Warlords, disgrunt win
Game 6 Forest Trail, Baby win
Game 7 GOW, disgrunt win
Game 8 POS, disgrunt win
Game 9 Arctic Wheel, Baby win
Game 10 Pirates Lagoon, disgrunt win

(Disgrunt moves above BabyShark after this series to spot #2)