Sharkfight Scoresheet BabyShark vs IbeCroM

Sharkfight Series 1 (Completed)

BabyShark: 6 of 10
IbeCroM: 5 of 10
Still to play: 0 of 10

*I apologize IbeCroM – I seem to have lost the vids before I posted them…thought I’d already put them on Youtube but I guess I didn’t. Help me out Crom lol! I can’t remember what all we did. Some of our intended Sharkfight games got lost.*

Game 1 Minor Valley – IbeCroM (no recording, I think, but I remember it)
Game 2 Ibecrom pick B2B, Baby win
Game 3 Baby pick Mr. Bean, IbeCroM win
Game 4 Dangerous Territory, Baby win
Game 5 IbeCroM pick GOW, Baby win (Insight recording in Replay Library)
Game 6 IbeCroM pick Four is a Crowd, IbeCroM win
Game 7 BabyShark pick Rose Petal, Baby win
Game 8 IbeCroM pick Party at Midnight BNE, IbeCroM win
Game 9 Baby pick Kaboom, IbeCroM win
Game 10 IbeCroM Skull Isle, Baby win
Tiebreaker mutual pick Clash, Baby win

Sharkfight 2nd Series

Game 1 IbeCroM pick B2B, IbeCroM win (no video/no replay for this one I don’t think)