Sharkfight Scoresheet He-Man vs Ragner

Special Sharkfight Series started Feb. 11, 2023

This opportunity arose just today so it wasn’t preplanned so I’m throwing up a map pool at the last minute.

Game 1 He-Man pick Soldiers, Ragner win
Game 2 Ragner pick 2v2 Skills BNE, Ragner win
Game 3 He-Man pick Total Wave War (told BS to pick water map from pool), Ragner win
Game 4 Ragner pick
Game 5 He-Man pick
Game 6 Ragner pick
Game 7 He-Man pick
Game 8 Ragner pick
Game 9 He-Man pick
Game 10 Ragner pick
(Add tiebreaker game if 5-5)