Special Exclusive War2USA Exhibition Series Featuring World’s Best W2 Players Dr-Orc vs Ragner Coming Soon November 2021

Ragner has held RU ladder’s #1 position for quite some time now, I believe months, and he is a regular winner of many Russian Warcraft 2 tournaments. Dr-Orc is USA’s #1 player across all ladders and has never been defeated in a competitive event open to all W2 players since the beginning of War2USA.

Both are exceptionally skilled and speedy Warcraft 2 players who don’t know what fear is. Both play anything and anyone and in their mastery of the game, maintain good-natured, gentlemanly demeanors and have earned the respect and admiration of the community. We are grateful these warriors who share our love of Warcraft 2 share their talent with us.

Thank you to both players for providing us the enjoyment of watching them battle on new battlegrounds as well as the old favorite GOW, which was included by popular demand in the map pool for this series.

Watch the action yourself from the live stream:

Monday November 8, 2021 11 pm Mountain Time (+2 hours EST)

How the series works:

Each player will take turns choosing a map from the pool. Once a map is chosen, it is eliminated from the pool, so 10 different maps will be played. All 10 games should be finished as per Sharkfight style regardless of score. In the event of 5-5, an 11th game will break the tie and decide the winner. If needed, tiebreaker map is Zones BNE.

One peon start, EF speed, person choosing map chooses res setting also.

Map Pool

  1. Shadowvine Forest
  2. GOW (Garden of War.pud)
  3. Klondike Springs
  4. Broken Woods
  5. Fatal Fractal
  6. Gronnserpent
  7. Raudrserpent
  8. ANiMA
  9. Medusa
  10. Tarantula
  11. Square Dance

12. Crater Forest BNE
13. Mr. Bean II
14. Mr. Bean
15. Minor Valley
16. Expansion Masters
17. Water Lily
18. Warring Sea
19. Mine Frenzy
20. Four is a Crowd
21. Party at Midnight BNE

Map Selections and Results

1 Ragner pick GOW, Dr win
2 Dr pick Shadowvine, Dr win
3 Ragner pick Square Dance, Ragner win
4 Dr pick Mr. Bean, Dr win
5 Ragner pick Mr. Bean 2, Dr win
6 Dr pick Broken Woods, Dr win
7 Ragner pick Four is a Crowd, Ragner win
8 Dr pick ANiMA, Dr win
9 Ragner pick Gronnserpent, Dr win
10 Dr pick PAM, Ragner win

The community decided on Zones BNE to be held as a spare in the event a tiebreaker is needed.

Thank You

Thank you to Dr-Orc and Ragner for playing at and supporting War2USA!
Thank you also to all our players, fans, and viewers for making War2USA the awesome place it is today! We appreciate each and every one of you!