Summer 2019 Map Contest

Update Aug. 26, 2019
The maps are in for Summer 2019 Map Contest! So many beautiful-looking maps have been added to the Warcraft 2 Community. It’s a wonderful thing to see the community coming together like this and putting fresh ideas into the future of Warcraft 2. These new battlefields are where games will take place in the future. History is being made. People are connecting and having fun. My heart is warmed by each person and each contribution to keeping Warcraft 2 fresh and exciting for long-time fans as well as new adventurers. Thank you everyone!!

We at the Warcraft II USA community love fresh, new maps! Variety keeps the game fun and dynamic and we welcome new energy, new players, and new maps to keep Warcraft 2 exciting for its players and fans.

That’s why we are having a Map Creation Contest! Scroll past the map pictures below for more info.


Maps Entries by Moriouce

Map Entries by PrinceValiant

Map Entries by BabyShark

Map Entries by Nedro

Map Entries by DeathKnight~

Map Entries by Captain Pollution

Map Entries by easycompany

Map Entries by ring62

Map Entries by Incos

Map Entries by frontliner2

Map Entries by LordVaras

Map Entries by LordVaras and SirClenfle

Enter your brand new map creations into the War2USA Summer 2019 Map Creation Contest!!

How to Enter:

1. Each person may enter up to 5 maps of any size and for any number of players. Keep in mind 8 player maps are the most popular.

2. Maps are recent creations by you and do not replicate an existing map to the extent that players might confuse the two maps.

3. Please enter your maps at Discord and DM me there. You may also email your maps to

4. Deadline is Saturday August 17th by the end of the day.

5. The community will have some time to play the map entries and then a public vote will be set up so players can vote for their favorite map.

The winning map will be featured in a future Champion event and will have a promotional article and video made about the map promoting the map’s unique and replayable features and the video will also include a commented game played on the map.

The community is made richer by every player and map and we appreciate the work and energy that goes into creating maps for the entire community to enjoy.

Keep the entries coming!