Summer 2020 Map Contest

Map Credits

Fields of Gold – Moriouce
Prime Woods – Moriouce
Shadowvine Forest -Moriouce
Sunken – Moriouce
Big Sandwich – Guldan
Corsair’s Dream – LordVaras
Death House – Guldan
Draenor – Incos
Fleur-de-Glace – Frosty
H1 through H8 – Bell
Linear Garbage – BabyShark
Swallowtail – Frosty
The Hospital – BabyShark

Last year’s map contest was a great success and I was thrilled with how many people entered and otherwise showed enthusiasm for the event, so we are doing it again this year!!

More details to come, but I will double the entries allowed per person to 10 maps (from last year’s 5) since we have some fruitful map making geniuses who can easily max that out with fresh, fabulous, fun, gorgeous layouts.

Deadline will be August 17, 2020 by the end of the day.

Entries must not have been entered in a previous contest, must not be widespread classic or favorite maps that are already well-known. We are looking for creative, newer content. Maps created within the last few years that have never been entered in another map contest or used in a past War2USA event (or other server event) map pool will be permissible to enter.

This contest is for fun and meant to be enjoyed and the hope is to boost community involvement and increase the ever widening map pool of Warcraft 2 battlegrounds for us to play on.

After August 17th, there will be a “playing period” so people can try out the entries for a few weeks and there will then be a public vote on War2USA forum in time for the 2 year anniversary.

Happy mapping everyone!!