Thank You

Thank you to the following for making War2USA possible and for helping make it the awesome place that it is.

The people at Blizzard who designed and created the game we all love, Warcraft II:

Michael Morhaime
Sam Didier
Patrick Wyatt
Ron Millar
Bob Fitch
Jesse McReynolds
Chris Metzen (this guy is responsible for the beautiful Warcraft II artwork seen on these pages)
Glenn Stafford

TupaC – For creating and running the server, for investing his time, energy, finances, and technical know-how into making an awesome place to play Warcraft II, for creating the status page and ladder page, and all the behind-the-scenes complex computer work involved

BabyShark – For designing the website, for streaming and promoting the game we all love, for managing the War2USA Discord, and for rallying together this positive, fresh community of Warcraft II lovers

Lambchops – For designing wonderful Warcraft II accessories like PUDPIC, which creates beautiful images of all our favorite Warcraft II maps and is the reason this website is so luminously adorned with gorgeous map pictures

Lethal~Machete – For his visual design work in creating logos and banners for War2USA

Nedro, XBremer1, Lambchops, TheGoodShepherd, MugWump, Anvil, numerous others – For creating fresh, fun maps people love to play often, such as Violent Voyage, Zones, Mr. Bean, Ocean Bloom, Pirate’s Lagoon, and many more that are quickly becoming the classics of today’s Warcraft II generation, and for finding and compiling old maps from creators like Mugwump for us to enjoy today

easycompany – For coding expertise designed and shared to help War2USA

And of course, I want to thank the regular players, the pioneers of War2USA:

And most of all, I want to thank the Creator of the universe, God, who gave me life twice over, who created my eyes, ears, hands, and heart, and who daily sustains me with His love and grace, without whom nothing would exist.