The Sparkling Deep Ocean Tournament Dec. 20

All are invited.
Where? War2USA Server
When? Wednesday December 20, 2023 at 9:00 pm EST (please log in before this time if you didn’t preregister as I aim to start as quickly after 9 pm as possible and it takes extra time to set up a 2v2 bracket as people are trying to find allies if they didn’t preregister)
Upon registration for this event, you are able to choose one map per person and designate round an available round slot until a maximum of 6 round slots are filled. We don’t know how many will be needed until we know how many players we have joining.

Winning Team

Congratulations to dannyldd and xxiloseagainxx on their victory over some strong teams including He-Man & ring62 and Lost~One & disgruntled. What a surprise twist ending, loving it! Well played, gentlemen!


Click here to go to The Sparkling Deep Ocean 2v2 Tournament Challonge page.


When the next match has been called in chat lobby or announced, if a player is missing or afk, a 10 minute timer will be started after which the team can count that game as loss, forfeit altogether, or see if a sub can be found quickly to take his place for the rest of the tournament.
If one player from a team is no longer able to continue, whether due to internet connection, sudden illness, needing to go to sleep, or real life situation requiring attention, one sub per team is allowed. The sub must not have played in this tournament previously (ie. cannot be someone who was eliminated already), and only one sub per team for the entire tournament. If either player then becomes unable to continue, the team forfeits and any matches are counted as loss.


Round 1 – HSC (Varas)
Round 2 – Covenant (BS)
Round 3 – FOC BNE (Lost~One)
Round 4 – The Spiral (disgruntled)
Round 5 – Rivers BNE (He-Man)
Round 6 – Fierce Ocean Battle KPUD (ring62)

Pre-registered players: LordVaras & MFSC, Lost~One & disgruntled, He-Man & ring62, DuMaurier & ehr, Drewski & iamli3, niko & Seuss, dannyldd & xxiloseagainxx

Subs: DuMaurier logged and was replaced with plop, ring logged and was replaced with crippleshark