Tutorials for Beginners

Welcome to the fun, friendly Warcraft II USA community where we play the best war strategy video game ever made. Warcraft 2 is a perfectly designed RTS online strategy game where you have the ability to get better and better over years of playing, and it stays fresh and exciting to play over and over again, whether you’re just starting to learn how to play Warcraft 2 or have been playing since the game was released by Blizzard in 1995.

There is a lot to know in becoming a viable opponent to today’s average level Warcraft 2 player. Having knowledge in how to wall-in and choke will help you survive longer as a new player until you start to master the offensive techniques. Hopefully you have some pro allies on board to watch your back as you learn. No matter your skill level, you’re always welcome to enjoy the awesome game of Warcraft II at the American server. Join our Discord chat to connect with our friendly PG-13 community and play this great classic game.

We plan to add tutorial videos regularly, as well as commentary videos on games played to help newcomers to Warcraft 2 understand the game.

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Wall-ins and Chokes

Warcraft 2 Tutorial Videos by BabyShark