Van’s Grand Prix Tournament July 19th

July 19th, 2024 at 9:30 pm!

Challonge Link – click here for challonge link

❀ 2v2 bracket style
❀ Double elimination (if there’s enough participants)
❀ Medium starting resources
❀ Best of 3 – Each team selects one map from available map list, tiebreaker map: Each team selects their desired map, a coin is flipped, winner of coin flip has their map used
❀ Best of 5 for final 2 team faceoff
❀ FIXED START POSITIONS – Teams will not have to scout for opponents

Prizes (to be split between both players):

❀ 1st Place Team $50
❀ 2nd Place Team $30
❀ 3rd Place Team $20

Tournament Maps:
❀ Van’s Wintry Garden
❀ Van’s Wintry Gardenchop
❀ Van’s Contemporaneous
❀ Van’s Orcish Rock Gardens
❀ Van’s Ruined Fortress Outskirts
❀ Van’s Atlas
❀ Van’s Atlas Small
❀ Van’s Dojo
❀ Van’s Take Caution