Warcraft 2 Bingo – COMING SOON!!

New for 2019! Coming soon.

When you get a win on any of these maps on War2USA, just mention it to the Bingomaster to add your name to the Bingo card. Multiple players can be listed on the same map spot.

Whoever gets 5 in a row first wins a *VERY* happy feeling inside and $50 CAD via PayPal. Wins can be from 1s or 4s games or anything in between.

In order to gain a win from computer opponents, you must defeat the maximum number of computer players that can fit on the map by yourself. Insight replays or other recordings of games are most welcome to add entertainment to the website, but are not necessary. Your amazing Bingomaster will be playing too.

Contest begins SOON. Wins occurring after starting date will be counted.