Water World 2v2 Tournament

Date and time: Friday August 19, 2022 at 9 pm EDT

Teams of Two
You can choose your own ally ahead of time or just show up at start time and be paired with someone on the day of.

Incos and TheSandMAN faced He-Man and LordVaras in some intense, tight games in the end and Incos and TheSandMAN team came out victorious and won special custom made Warcraft 2 trophies designed and made by Zhall of Cameo. Thank you all for playing and thank you to Zhall for creating trophies for our event.

Map Selection
Each map will be played maximum one time in the entire event. If another set of teams chooses a map, you can no longer choose that map. This will maximize map variety and showcase the largest assortment of water battles. Map choice will go to first person within a four player grouping (two on each team) to host one of the maps from the pool that has not yet been played by any team for this event. Basically first come first serve and rewards people for being on the ball, attentive, aware of map choices, having functional hosting, and will hopefully serve to keep the event rolling briskly.

Trophies for Winning Team
Zhall made custom Warcraft 2 battleship trophies for the winning team. Thank you to Zhall for adding something nice to Water World 2v2!