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2v2 Tournament Moriouce Maps Dec. 8th


Check back soon for more details and map pool!

Plan to meet everyone on War2USA's exhilarating battlefield Sunday Dec. 8th.

You don't want to miss this exciting special event on Moriouce's fabulous new map creations!

why its not gow? i dont know moricouce or custom maps

make gow tourney

You can host a GOW tourney anytime you want to lol. Go for it.

i cant. the people follow you. who goes to my tuorney?

leo, raph, and don will

he have allie? you enter gow torney nedro?


Here at USA we want to be good at math like He-Man and are working to improve at math. I think joining our fun math circle at Discord will help you a lot.

Soon we will find out if LordVaras is good at math. Click on the link below.

War2USA Discord Math Circle

@mike @guldan

Yeah I accidentally locked it. Misclick on phone screen. It's open now.



Mapmaker of the Year Moriouce Maps Tournament Dec. 8, 2019 2 pm EST

Rotating Allies 2v2

Plan to join us at War2USA battlefield for some fun fights on fresh maps!

Check main page for map selection. Pictures to be posted on main page soon (probably tomorrow).

You are invited to come out for this fun Warcraft 2 event this weekend! Join us for some exciting games on some fresh maps by Moriouce!