Download Warcraft 2 Free


WarCraft II USA (download full game)


USA Gateway only (you already have a client)

Anti-Hack system is active and is done on the server side. You don’t have to use any specific .exe or WarCraft II Client.

Added over 1,000+ Maps.

Fixed many bugs with older version.

You can now enable plugins that are disabled by default. These plugins range from: Pictures of maps in game lobby, cpu savior(prevent 100% cpu usage), game timer, and many more. To keep a pure vanilla feeling of WarCraft II BNE these are disabled by default. You can enable plugins by dragging them out of the disabled folder.

IPX mode has been fixed on modern machines.

The server list will install when you install WarCraft II USA.

WarCraft II USA will display properly now on modern machines. You can now toggle full screen and window mode with ALT + ENTER.

You can also run the color chat program to add 4 color commands. Example in game lobby or in game type /red, /white, /black, /grey.

Two desktop shortcuts will be created on your desktop for WarCraft II and WarCraft II Map Editor.

PUDDraft Map Editor has been added. You can make really cool custom maps! This is the best editor available for WarCraft II. Plugins for this are here also.