Sharkfight Scoresheet BabyShark vs ring62

Completed SHARKFIGHT 10 Game SERIES Victories:

1 Sharkfight completed March 13, 2019

Completed Sharkfight 1

BabyShark 7
ring62 3

Game 1 ring pick Friends, ring win
Game 2 ring pick Arena3v3, Baby win
Game 3 Baby pick Mr. Bean, Baby win
Game 4 Baby pick Valley of the Lost Peons, Baby win
Game 5 ring pick HSC, ring win
Game 6 Baby pick 16 x 9, ring win
Game 7 ring pick FOC LOW, Baby win
Game 8 Baby pick Dangerous Territory, Baby win
Game 9 ring pick High Tide Adventures, Baby win
Game 10, ring pick Pirate’s Lagoon, Baby win

Current Sharkfight (2nd)

BabyShark: 2 of 10
ring62: 0 of 10
Still to play: 8 of 10

Game 1 ring pick Pirate’s Lagoon, Baby win
Game 2 Baby pick Inner Circle KPUD, Baby win