Sharkfight Scoresheet LordVaras vs ring62

Completed SHARKFIGHT 10 Game SERIES Victories:

None yet!

Current Sharkfight Series Scores:

LordVaras: 3 of 10
ring62: 7 of 10

Game 1 ring pick Friends, ring win
Game 2 LordVaras pick Ocean Bloom, Varas win
Game 3 ring pick Four is a Crowd, ring win (Replay Library)
Game 4 LordVaras pick Violent Voyage, ring win (Replay Library)
Game 5 LordVaras pick HSC, ring win
Game 6 ring pick Pain on the Plain, ring win
Game 7 LordVaras pick Paradise Lost, Varas win
Game 8 ring pick FOC, ring win
Game 9 LordVaras pick Pirate’s Lagoon, ring win
Game 10 ring pick High Tide Adventures, Varas win