Sharkfight Scoresheet BabyShark vs MiSery

Completed SHARKFIGHT 10 Game SERIES Victories:

1 Sharkfight completed March 17, 2019
Baby 9
MiSery 1

Current Sharkfight (2nd) Series Score:

BabyShark: 1 of 10
MiSery: 1 of 10
Still to play: 8 of 10

Game 1 MiSery pick The Spiral, Baby win
Game 2 Baby pick Lanes, MiSery win

Completed Sharkfights

Game 1 Baby pick Snow Fields KPUD (aka KaliSnowFields), Baby win
Game 2 Baby pick Zones, MiSery win
Game 3 MiSery pick Woodland Warlords, Baby win
Game 4 Baby pick GOW, Baby win
Game 5 MiSery pick FOC, Baby win
Game 6 MiSery pick POS, Baby win
Game 7 Baby pick Honey Swamp, Baby win
Game 8 MiSery pick AYN, Baby win
Game 9 MiSery pick GSEPS, Baby win
Game 10 X Marks the Spot, Baby win