Sharkfight Scoresheet BabyShark vs Dr-Orc

Disclaimer: Dr-Orc has allowed me to choose most of the maps we play for 1s, even maps he’s never seen before made by people who’ve joined War2USA community within the last year and a half. What’s more, he often plays blind, meaning not only has he never seen or played a map, but he doesn’t even look at it before playing. If he didn’t give me all these advantages, I would win even fewer games than almost zero!

Sharkfight Series 1

BabyShark: 1 of 10
Dr-Orc: 9 of 10

Game 1 Dr-Orc pick AYN, Dr-Orc win
Game 2 Baby pick, Honey Swamp, Baby win
Game 3 Dr-Orc pick, Schwartzwald, Dr-Orc win
Game 4 Baby pick Woodland Warlords, Dr-Orc win
Game 5 Dr-Orc pick GSEPS, Dr-Orc win
Game 6 Baby pick Enemy Next Door, Dr-Orc win
Game 7 Dr-Orc pick Mr. Bean, Dr-Orc win
Game 8 Baby pick Beautiful Confusion, Dr-Orc win
Game 9 Dr-Orc pick POS LOW, Dr-Orc win (Replay Library)
Game 10 Baby pick Gold Rush, Dr-Orc win (Replay Library)

Sharkfight Series 2

BabyShark: 0 of 10
Dr-Orc: 10 of 10

Game 1 Arctic Circle, Dr-Orc win (All of series 2 found in Replay Library)
Game 2 Cramped, Dr-Orc win
Game 3 Crossings, Dr-Orc win
Game 4 Horseshoe Island, Dr-Orc win
Game 5 Murky River, Dr-Orc win
Game 6 Two Ways Around, Dr-Orc win
Game 7 Daisy Chain, Dr-Orc win
Game 8 Four is a Crowd, Dr-Orc win
Game 9 Down by the River, Dr-Orc win
Game 10 Party at Midnight, Dr-Orc win

Sharkfight Series 3

BabyShark: 1 of 10
Dr-Orc: 6 of 10
Still to play: 3 of 10

Game 1 Party at Midnight, Dr-Orc win
Game 2 Pixel, Baby win (Games 2-7 streamed Tuesday night March 10th turning into 11th)
Game 3 Blood in the Arctic, Dr-Orc win
Game 4 Four is a Crowd, Dr-Orc win
Game 5 Isles of Squares, Dr-Orc win
Game 6 A Continent Between, Dr-Orc win
Game 7 Gold Rush, Dr-Orc win
Game 8 Ant Trails, Dr-Orc win (Insighted April 2, 2020)

Sharkfight Series 4

BabyShark: 0 of 10
Dr-Orc: 1 of 10

Game 1 Pixel, Dr-Orc win (Insighted April 1, 2020 late night maybe 2nd)